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choosing food suppliers for a non-profit camp

I have spent endless hours searching for food suppliers to purchase the food for the non-profit campground that I help run through the summer. I have learned that all pricing is different from supplier to supplier and so is the quality of the food that they offer. It has taken a very long time for me to learn what to get from a big food supplier and when to purchase things from a smaller supplier. To learn my methods of ordering food on a very tight budget for hundreds of people, visit my website. There, you will find a breakdown of my supplies and the suppliers that I use to get what I need each summer.



choosing food suppliers for a non-profit camp

Are You Planning A Special Birthday For Your Husband?

by Layla Watson

Does your husband have a birthday in the near future? If so, are you all set with gifts and a special activity to honor his special day? It might be that you've thought of doing something special, but you just haven't decided on a final plan. Maybe you're still pondering ideas. If that's the case, from ordering NYC bagels for a special breakfast to planning a fun event, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a birthday that will long be remembered.

A NYC Bagel Breakfast — Have you ever tasted bagels from New York City? If so, you already know that they are beyond delicious. Maybe you've never tasted them but your husband raved about them when he got back from a business trip in The Big Apple. If so, wouldn't it be amazing for your husband to find that you arranged for bagels to be shipped right to your doorstep in time for his birthday?

You will more than likely be amazed at how affordable it is to have bagels shipped to your home. The company that sells them will be happy to provide a list of the different types of bagels that they bake fresh every single day. Think of ordering an assortment of bagels. For example, you might select cinnamon and raisin ones for breakfast and serve them with honey-flavored cream cheese. 

A Birthday Event - Is your husband a sociable individual? If so, then he would probably love it if you invited your favorite friends over for lunch or dinner. While you're ordering your bagels, consider buying enough for you to have as part of the menu for your friend get-together. For example, plain bagels or onion flavored bagels would be great for sandwiches made from deli meats and cheeses. 

If you want something more elaborate, think of grilling steaks and having bagel and steak sandwiches. Whether it's deli meats and cheeses or steaks that are placed on the bagels, your guests will more than likely say that those are the best sandwiches they've ever eaten. Won't it be fun to tell your friends that they were shipped just for this special occasion?

You are probably also going to give your husband a separate gift, right? However, don't feel too bad if his favorite present of the day is the bagels that were shipped especially for his special day. Contact a company that offers bagels shipped to you for more information.